Bulka in the city of Fashion

In cooperation with Laniakea Scarves

Lago di Como

New memories are built in the young history of Bulka. Dreams do come true, which is confirmed by lovely trip to lake Como as a guest in the house of Cristina Vittoria Egger. Lady Cristina was so kind to invite Bulka as her guest in this amazing place, as we now say – the most beautiful place you can dream of living in. And our dreams came true here.

During wonderful mornings listening to Andrea Bocelli and sipping cappuccino, we were planning our first fashion shooting at the streets of Milan. Lady Cristina’s daughter Elissa Egger proudly planed how to present Bulka kaftans. Elissa became our favorite model so far. Her beauty and grace, walking down the Milan streets In the heart of the city is magical. Our kaftans together with Laniakea silk scarves were proudly passing by all the famous designers shops here.

Milan the city of Fashion

The designer brand Bulka partnered up with Giorgia Caovilla, the daughter of one of the most popular shoe designers in the world, René Caovilla, in order to conquer Milan’s fashion scene. Giorgia Caovilla owns a showroom in Milan where she sells her shoe collection O Jour together with ex

clusive bags by Alef and Aristo Pop. The showroom is located in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, a few steps away from the famous Montenapoleone Street where all the world famous designer boutiques can be found.

Recently, a sale event for private clients and press was held at this lovely location. Bulka’s kaftans from the latest winter collection were premiered as well as designs from the upcoming SS collection. All the designs were embellished by vivid Laniakea silk scarves, full of ornaments from old Serbian courts and frescoes together with magical feather jewelry by Etera.

New place for Bulka kaftans

From now on, you will be able to find Bulka kaftans in one of the prominent stores in the heart of Milan’s art district Brera. The store called Orsorama is owned by the famous fashion designer Svetlana Schmidt and features her brand Nadir Maut.

Bulka’s already recognizable motto ‘Live it, Wear it, Share it,

aims to promote ‘slow fashion’ as a fashion discipline. Behind the Bulka brand are two designers, Ana Reljin and Nina Bogosavljev, cosmopolitans based in Belgrade, Serbia. They wish for their garments to be cherished by more than one generation. They create fashion which never goes out of fashion. The brand is very young, only one and a half years old, and it is already spreading throughout the fashion capitals. Original, unique, made of the finest natural fabrics, these one of a kind kaftans celebrate color and joy. The fashion philosophy behind the brand is clear – each kaftan is unique, crafted with love and no two are the same.

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