Welcome to our little treasure cove! LALIYASTORE offers exclusive and unique pieces designed by Belgrade based fashion designer, Nina Bogosavljev.

She is in love with color and pattern and canโ€™t get enough of mixing and matching.

Each of our garments is tailored to perfection and produced ethically (we do know all the people who lovingly make our garments). The fabrics are all natural and carefully chosen. We use mainly silk, viscose, cotton, wool and blends of these fabrics for maximum comfort and an all natural flair.

BULKA specializes in one โ€“ of โ€“ a – kind kaftans. Our one size fits most body types and is generally very flattering to the female figure. Vests, which are more tailored fits, are available in different sizes.

Our aim is to produce beautiful unique pieces which you will love and treasure. Due to this goal, our production is limited as each kaftan takes a lot of time to put together and sew. The result โ€“ a truly unique work of art. Bulka produces a line of summer kaftans, perfect for the beach or breezy summer evenings wherever you are, as well as a winter line, for adding color and pattern to a cool and white season. In both cases, you will not go unnoticed.