Our first Fashion Session in Belgrade

So proud of what we have done so far

It has been a magical October evening, weirdly warm for this part of the year. The most popular street in Belgrade regarding fashion was on fire that evening.

Even the photos speak for themselves, we must say how proud and amazed we are. It was one of those moments when you want to run around like a mad person, and just tell everyone how thankful you are. Sometimes you keep asking yourself if you are on the right track. We may say that one of the signs you will get, are the people you will meet on that road. This evening there were so many lovely people who came to support our work. Every smile and applause we have received were like magic for us.

Belgrade finally met BULKA Kaftans

Finally we have presented our one and only, unique Kaftans tailored to perfection. We have spoken our story trough every model shown. There were silk dresses too, and we completed the look with vintage shoes. We hope that our story was recognized – Live It, Wear It, Share It – is our way of saying “slow fashion”. We will write about this more in future posts.

There is no look with out Laniakea silk scarves

We have also presented amazing Laniakea Scarves. Every model was wearing scarves either as a bandanna or on their wrists. Explosion of colors! That is what we were searching for.

Smile ladies, smile!

You will see that all our models are smiling all the time. Give it on, lets make it cheerful ladies.

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